Compression Overview and Features

DeepSpeed Compression is a library purposely built to make it easy to compress models for researchers and practitioners while delivering faster speed, smaller model size, and significantly reduced compression cost. Please refer to our blog for more details.

DeepSpeed Compression offers novel state-of-the-art compression techniques to achieve faster model compression with better model quality and lower compression cost. DeepSpeed Compression also takes an end-to-end approach to improve the computation efficiency of compressed models via a highly optimized inference engine. Furthermore, our library has multiple built-in state-of-the-art compression methods. It supports the synergistic composition of these methods and the system optimizations, offering the best of both worlds while allowing a seamless and easy-to-use pipeline for efficient DL model inference. We highly recommend you also to read our blog to learn more about (at a high level) why we build DeepSpeed Compression and what benefits it provides to users. To try compress your model using DeepSpeed compression library, please checkout our tutorial.