Installation Details

The quickest way to get started with DeepSpeed is via pip, this will install the latest release of DeepSpeed which is not tied to specific PyTorch or CUDA versions. DeepSpeed includes several C++/CUDA extensions that we commonly refer to as our ‘ops’. By default, all of these extensions/ops will be built just-in-time (JIT) using torch’s JIT C++ extension loader that relies on ninja to build and dynamically link them at runtime.

Note: PyTorch must be installed before installing DeepSpeed.

pip install deepspeed

After installation, you can validate your install and see which ops your machine is compatible with via the DeepSpeed environment report with ds_report or python -m deepspeed.env_report. We’ve found this report useful when debugging DeepSpeed install or compatibility issues.


Pre-install DeepSpeed Ops

Sometimes we have found it useful to pre-install either some or all DeepSpeed C++/CUDA ops instead of using the JIT compiled path. In order to support pre-installation we introduce build environment flags to turn on/off building specific ops.

You can indicate to our installer (either or pip install) that you want to attempt to install all of our ops by setting the DS_BUILD_OPS environment variable to 1, for example:

DS_BUILD_OPS=1 pip install deepspeed

DeepSpeed will only install any ops that are compatible with your machine. For more details on which ops are compatible with your system please try our ds_report tool described above.

If you want to install only a specific op (e.g., FusedLamb), you can toggle with DS_BUILD environment variables at installation time. For example, to install DeepSpeed with only the FusedLamb op use:

DS_BUILD_FUSED_LAMB=1 pip install deepspeed

Available DS_BUILD options include:

  • DS_BUILD_OPS toggles all ops
  • DS_BUILD_CPU_ADAM builds the CPUAdam op
  • DS_BUILD_FUSED_ADAM builds the FusedAdam op (from apex)
  • DS_BUILD_FUSED_LAMB builds the FusedLamb op
  • DS_BUILD_SPARSE_ATTN builds the sparse attention op
  • DS_BUILD_TRANSFORMER builds the transformer op
  • DS_BUILD_STOCHASTIC_TRANSFORMER builds the stochastic transformer op
  • DS_BUILD_UTILS builds various optimized utilities

Install DeepSpeed from source

After cloning the DeepSpeed repo from GitHub, you can install DeepSpeed in JIT mode via pip (see below). This install should complete quickly since it is not compiling any C++/CUDA source files.

pip install .

For installs spanning multiple nodes we find it useful to install DeepSpeed using the script in the repo. This will build a python wheel locally and copy it to all the nodes listed in your hostfile (either given via –hostfile, or defaults to /job/hostfile).

Feature specific dependencies

Some DeepSpeed features require specific dependencies outside of the general dependencies of DeepSpeed.

  • Python package dependencies per feature/op please see our requirements directory.

  • We attempt to keep the system level dependencies to a minimum, however some features do require special system-level packages. Please see our ds_report tool output to see if you are missing any system-level packages for a given feature.

Pre-compiled DeepSpeed builds from PyPI

Coming soon