Getting Started with DeepSpeed on Azure

This tutorial will help you get started with DeepSpeed on Azure.

If you don’t already have an Azure account please see more details here:

DeepSpeed on Azure via AzureML

The recommended and simplest method to try DeepSpeed on Azure is through AzureML. A training example and a DeepSpeed autotuning example using AzureML v2 can be found here.

For AzureML v1 examples, please take a look at easy-to-use examples for Megatron-DeepSpeed, Transformers and CIFAR training here.

Our Megatron-DeepSpeed contains the most up to date recipe for end-to-end training on AzureML.

DeepSpeed on Azure VMs

If you don’t have access to AzureML or if want to build a custom environments using Azure virtual machines or Azure VM Scale-Sets (VMSS), we are working on easy-to-use cluster setup scripts that will be published in the next few weeks.

If you already have a cluster setup, you can use the azure recipes that can easily be modified to train various model configurations.